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by | Sep 5, 2023

About Dr. Yamani

Neurologist/specialist headache fellowship


Dr. Noushin Yamani is a specialist in neurology with a subspecialty fellowship in headache. She is a member of the educational committee of the Global Headache Society. After completing her secondary education at Farzanegan High School in Zanjan, she ranked 50th in the nationwide entrance exam (Konkur) in 2004 and entered the field of medicine at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Due to her exceptional abilities, she participated in the residency entrance exam directly and was accepted into the Neurology subspecialty in 2012. She received her Neurology Board certification from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2016. Dr. Yamani successfully completed a headache fellowship program at the Danish Headache Center, one of the world’s reputable headache centers, under the guidance of Professor Jes Olesen, also known as the “father of headache.” Additionally, she completed a two-year international Master’s program in headache at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, from 2018 to 2020. Despite receiving job offers and residency opportunities in Denmark as the first Iranian physician with a headache fellowship, she chose to return to Iran to serve her fellow countrymen. She joined the faculty of her university and has received multiple international research grants from various headache organizations. Dr. Yamani has held significant positions in international headache forums, including the presidency of the Asian-Oceanian Headache Committee, committee membership in the World Headache Society’s Education and Young Scientists committees, and participation in the World Headache Academy and European Headache Federation for several consecutive years. Her activities include teaching, medical practice, writing articles in reputable international headache journals, reviewing articles for journals like Cephalalgia and the Journal of Headache and Pain, giving lectures and producing educational podcasts and videos in international congresses and on the World Headache Society’s learning center website.

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